Special words of subdwani

The words of Shri Guru Jambheshwar God are as virtuous and authenticated as the Vedic mantras, so every Bishnoi should read the words of Lord Jambheshwar. If we consider 29 religions (rules) to be the body of the Bishnoi religion, then we have to consider the words as the soul of the Bishnoi religion. Just as the defense of both body and life is extremely important, similarly, 29 rules and utterances are very important to consider Bishnoi religion as a holistic and pure form.

Special words of subdwani
Special words of subdwani

While doing havan with words, you should keep your attention towards the flame of havan and in the light itself, you should meditate on the nature of Jambheshwar God. Those who do not know how to speak the words of God Jambheshwar properly or those who do not remember the words, should sit silently and listen carefully to the subdwani and keep their eyes towards the light. Where subdwani are being spoken, it is a sin to talk about any other subject or to look in vain here and there, all the people sitting in one place should recite with one voice and together.

At the beginning of the subdwani, the word "OM" should be pronounced, at the end "OM Swaha" or just "Swaha" should be pronounced in the fire. For the sake of havan, fire should not be taken from Shudra's house and should not be burnt from the mouth. If a person wants to offer fire in the fire at the time of Havan, then he should sit properly and offer the sacrifice. If a person has fallen into a bad company and started committing robbery, robbery or consuming bidi, cannabis, liquor, meat, etc., and due to some good rites of mind, he is disgusted with the above actions. Jambheshwar should remember the Lord and offer the fire and sit near the Havan and take a firm resolve that I will never do these sinful deeds in future.

In temples where there is a havan both times in the morning, the first words should be spoken "Guru signs" etc. Adi, Shukla Hans and others at least ten, fifteen or twenty words. In order to reduce the system, for the purpose of pure work, we should often speak the same number of words, on the day of special celebration, fair, and Amavasya, a havan should be done with one hundred and twenty words and on that day, the word Shukla Hans should be spoken in the last.

Just as there are three types of Mantras in Vedas with the distinction of karma kand, worship ritual and knowledge kand, similarly there are three types of words in the subdwani also we get the teachings of doing auspicious deeds through the utterance. So surely Vishnu will attain liberation in the form, this world is perishable and fleeting. Therefore, do not indulge in any kind of attachment, rage or attachment, etc. By following the words of Lord Jambheshwar, we can do our own and livelihood.

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