Our education system

Our education system
Our education system
The development of a country depends on the education system of that country, because every person is responsible for the progress of the country and only through his knowledge, values ​​and good conduct can the country reach the country at high levels! Today's educated class can run the economy of the country smoothly, but if the education system itself is not well, then the future of that country can be bleak, today there is a need for a good education system so that a person of knowledge and good conduct Could

Now-a-days new schemes of education are being developed everywhere. Our national government has announced that it will soon eradicate illiteracy from the country. But the idea is to see how our current education system is and what kind of life it is creating and how our education should really be.
Nowadays our system of education has become very defective. By erasing this, we have to make such education and initiation which can enable us to conquer ourselves. The ultimate goal of knowledge should be character building. There can be no improvement in the education system until some objectives of education are set. Therefore some objectives of education are: -

Our education system

1. Development of democratic Indian citizenship   - 

To make the democracy of this country successful, it is absolutely necessary to make every child a true, honest and hardworking citizen. Therefore, the ultimate aim of education is to educate the child to democratic citizenship. For this, it is absolutely necessary to develop the ability of children to think freely and clearly and to take decisions, so that as a citizen, they can build their own personal by freely thinking and meditating on all kinds of political, social, economic and cultural problems of the country. So that we can express our thoughts clearly.

2. Initiation of skilled living art in our life  - 

The second purpose of education is to teach the boy to live in society or in the art of living. By living in solitude, neither person can live nor develop fully. For his own development and the welfare of society, it is necessary that he understands the need for coexistence and learns to evaluate the importance of cooperation through practical experiences. In this view, many social qualities like consciousness and discipline and patriotism should be developed so that every boy can learn to mix with each other while engaging with different people of this vast country.

3. Advancement of professional skills - 

The third objective of education is to promote professional skills in children. Professional training is required to achieve this objective. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to generate respect and interest in the minds of the children and to emphasize on the work of handicraft. Not only this, different professions should also be given proper place in the curriculum so that every child can choose the occupations that he wants to adopt after finishing education according to his interest.

4. Personality development - 

The fourth objective of education is to fully develop the personality of the child. The development of a person means the intellectual development of the child, physical, social and professional development of all aspects and creative powers. According to this purpose, children should be motivated to do functional and creative works, so that many kinds of interests like literary, artistic and cultural are created in them.

With these objectives in mind, the education system can be improved and the future of students can be improved. If the teacher's duty is to make the all-round development of the students, then it is the duty of the education system to fulfill its responsibility in the all-round development of the students.

Writer - Raghunatha Ram Saran

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