Importance of education in our life

Importance of education in our life
Importance of education in our life 

 Before writing on this subject, I first pay my homage to Lord Guru Jambhoji, the founder of Vishnoi society, and also thank God for granting me the privilege of living in a civilized society.

 Education is an important link in the process of personality formation in the present era.  The field of education is very wide.  Education cannot be limited to a certain extent, but broadly the fields of education are as follows: - Moral education, social education, vocational education, sports education, religious education, spiritual education, psychological education etc.

 In present times, the importance of education becomes even more important in the era of falling social values ​​and moral decline.  Through education, we can fulfill the set goals of the developed society.  In the current deteriorating socio-family relationship, lack of education (understanding of relationship) is the main reason.  Education does not necessarily mean achieving a degree in a particular subject, but the real meaning of education is your highest level of knowledge and understanding with respect to the degree you have earned.  In whatever field you are getting education, if you are not leading in the highest level of knowledge in that area, then your education is incomplete.

 As a result of the increasing influence of Western culture, the ideal values ​​of Sanatan culture are declining.  Apart from this, many social evils at the social level (increasing tendency of intoxication, loss of family honor of elders, mutual envy, divorce, murder, etc.) and social evils (child marriage, dowry, death banquet, prevalence of intoxicants in social gatherings)  Is a serious matter.  Through education, we can work in a coherent manner to eradicate these social evils and social evils.  At the same time, through education, one can also transmit a new energy in the society.  Through which society can reach a new height.

 Talking about education in the context of Vishnoi society, the educational level is quite good, but the need for innovation is being felt in it.  Recently many talents have brought laurels to society and country in their respective fields through their academic knowledge and skills.  In which Ravi Vishnoi (Cricketer), Mr. Rohtash Khileri (Mountaineer), Ms. Pooja Vishnoi (Runner), Ms. Neetu Vishnoi (Kabaddi), Mr. Raman Vishnoi (Cricketer) have set new records showing their skills.

 In this way, through education, they can give new heights to the society along with family welfare.  So that the whole society can feel proud.

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