How To Become An IAS Officer in India

How To Become An IAS Officer in India
How To Become An IAS Officer in India
IAS officers have a very respected place in the country and society. To become an IAS officer one has to sit and pass the Civil Services Examination conducted by UPSC. If you want to prepare only after 12th, then know what your strategy should be…

Do graduation

It is very important to have a graduation degree for giving civil services exam.If you are in the last year then you can apply to give this exam, it does not require any percentage of it, irrespective of the percentage of graduation. 

Clear the civil services exam 

This exam takes place in three stages - 
1. Prelim exam
2. Mains 
3. Interview 

1. Prelim exam -  

There are two papers compulsory in Prelim Exam 
1. General ability
2. Civil service aptitude test
Questions will be objective type. Questions will be in both English and Hindi languages. These are a total of 400 marks paper. 

2. Mains Exam - 

It has been told in two parts 
1. Qualifying exam
2. Merit Paper 

1. Qualifying exam
Paper A - It can be in any Indian language, that language should be included in Schedule 6 of the Constitution.
Paper B - English
Both these papers are of 300–300 marks.

2. Merit Paper - There are 7 papers of merit, all of which will be of 250-250 marks. That is, the paper will total 1750 marks. All papers will be of 3-3 hours.

3. Interview - 

Those clearing these exams are called for interview

If you also pass the interview then you will become a administrative officer

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