Establishment of Bishnoi Religion

The history of Rajasthan is a witness that V.C. There was a severe famine in 1542. The people of this region took a month of Asos. Pushes and living of humans had become difficult. One day Lord Jambheshwar's uncle Pulhoji Panwar came to the Samrathal. Jambhoji told Pulhoji the code of conduct of 29 religion rules. If Jeeyan assured of Jugti and Munwa Mugti, then Pooholoji suspected of being heaven or hell or not. Jambhoji gave his divine vision to Pulhoji Panwar and showed heaven and hell. Pulhoji is convinced. He became a follower of Jambhoji. Due to the famine, convoys of people started going elsewhere in search of grain, fodder. Jambhoji announced that they would help the famine victims. They will provide food and water to them. Hearing this, many convoys of thousands of people reached Samrathal. All the people expressed doubts in them. Lord Jambheshwar showed the people present with unfathomable water in the pond under Samrathal Dhore and a huge stock of grain near it. Seeing this miracle, people became fully confident. Meanwhile, Jambhoji announced a great conference. He spoke of giving equal rights to the people of the four varnas - Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and Shudras. In the announcement of the program, it was said that human beings, irrespective of their caste or caste, will be initiated by the hands of Jambhoji with a resolve to follow 29 religious rules. He will be considered a member of Bishnoi Dharma Sangh, a follower and a worshiper of Lord Vishnu. He will be conferred with the title 'Bishnoi 4'. In future, he will live a happy life by following the holy 29 religion rules throughout his life. His generation rate will be called Bishnoi and he will be entitled to salvation after death. Due to the divine power of Jambhoji, people used to believe once upon seeing. The fame of his miracles had spread everywhere. According to the prescribed schedule 1542 On the day of Kartik Badi Ashtami, a view of heaven on the Samrathal Dhore became present.

Establishment of Bishnoi Religion
Establishment of Bishnoi Religion

 जुड़ी सभा समराथल पर जांसे इन्द्रपुरी सरमाती थी।  गुप्त रूप धर सरस्वती, जम्भेश्वर के गुण गाती थी।

Lord Jambheshwar himself conducted a huge yajna with his hands with many fragrant paranthas of pure ghee, copra, camphor, googles etc. By law, the vase of fresh water was kept near the havan. Lord Jambhevashra invited that water with the chanting of mantras. On that yagna, thirty-three different gods were invoked. First, Jhoobhoji's uncle, Pulhoji Panwar, laid his hands on the urn. The water which was named 'Pahl' by Jambhoji, Pulhoji was the first to be named Pahl and received the title of 'First Bishnoi'. The said conference continued till Diwali. Taking the mantra, took the Guru mantra, memorized 29 religious rules and resolved to follow them for life and became Bishnoi. Till Diwali, thousands of Naranari Dixits of the four varnas were performed. After adopting the code of conduct of 29 sources, the people of Bishnoi started living different kinds of religious life from those who were in the immediate circumstances and gradually this religion grew. Lord Jambheshwar made 12 crore people Bishnoi till his Nirvana day. Today, in the same sequence, millions of people have faith in Jambhoji. Today, scientists, religious leaders and politicians from all over the world accept the talk of following 29 religion rules. Today, the solution to the worldwide burning problem of environment was included by Jambhoji in 29 sources at that time. It is clear from this how divine vision they were. His follower Bishnoi is ready in environmental protection wherever he lives. We are ready to take orders to follow the teachings of wildlife, tree education and environmental purification. Jambhoji still has such a strong miracle that every Bishnoi is a leader in religion, art work and salvation. This is also clear from couplets -
या विधि धर्म सुनाय के किये कवल करतार,                             
अन्न-धन,  लक्ष्मी  रूप गुण मुंवा मोक्ष दवार
उन्नतीस धर्म  की आंकड़ी  हिरदे  धारे जोय,
जाम्भोजी  किरपा  करे,  नाम  बिश्नोई  होय।                                                       

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