29 Rules

Jambhoji showed the path of self-aggrandizement to men and women of every caste, class and varna and raised the lowly and fallen. Bishnoi Sampradaya is the path of Nivruti-means with the trend, which is also confirmed by its 29 religion rules.
Bishnoi India's Eco-Warriors

1. Keep Sutak for thirty days.
2. To keep menstruation for five days.
3. Bathing in the morning.
4. Keep modesty, contentment and purification.
5. Do Sandhya in morning and evening.
6. Sanjha Aarti, Vishnu Gun sing.
7. Havan in the morning.
8. Drinking water after filtering and speak the words pure.
9. Bean the fuel and filter the milk.
10. Forgiveness - Be patient.
11. Mercy - Be gentle.
12. Do not steal.
13. Do not condemn
14. Do not lie.
15. Not to debate.
16. observing the fast of Amavasya.
17. Prayer of Vishnu.
18. Have pity on mere creature.
19. Do not cut green trees.
20. Jar to Azar.
21. Cook the kitchen with your hand.
22 Keep the immortal.
23. Do not castrate the bull.
24. Do not eat opium.
25. Do not eat and drink tamakhu.
26. Do not drink alcohol.
27. Do not drink.
28. Do not eat meat.
29. Do not wear blue colored clothes.

1. Keep Sutak for thirty days.

For thirty days the maternity woman should be kept away from home work. This is the first rule in twenty nine rules. This is the foundation of human physical, mental and intellectual development. This is where human life begins. If this initial period only worsens, then how can humanity be developed further. Probably for the first time in the world, Jambheshwarji has told this rule of thirty days. by the way

 Everyone believes sutak, but they do not believe in any society for thirty days, nor do they know this secret. For the Vishnois, the Sutak of child birth is told for thirty days and the Sutak of death is told for three days. Some secret is hidden in them, it should be considered. When the child resides in the womb for ten months, after the time comes, he is born, at that time both mother and child are in an unholy state. The body has come out of the womb from which he has brought all the parts of the womb together and his mother also has developed weakness deformity inside the body. Both of them also need time to be healthy and pure, only purity can come after getting time. That is why a time of thirty days has been kept, which is told in the form of sutak and after the completion of thirty days, it is cremated and made Vishnoi, and the sutak of death is told for three days because there is nothing left. The organism goes away after three days, and the body is dedicated to the land on the same day, then for whom should such a long pot be kept. That is why on the third day, the organism is ceremonially bid farewell and reconciled on the same day, by Pahl Havan. "Today is tomorrow tomorrow is another day, something like that". The second thing is that for thirty days, the maternity woman is kept separate from homework because she needs complete rest because the child is born with too much weakness. For the fulfillment of that weakness, a month of complete rest and nutritious food is also required along with it and they do so. There are two reasons for this. The first is that the child's mother's body will again recover the damage. If this cannot be done then neither the weak body will be able to do any work nor will the body remain healthy. Many diseases will catch the body, which can lead to premature death. Mother power is like farming, that farming will be improved, if you keep giving it manure water etc., then it will continue to give new crop, otherwise agriculture will not produce good fruit. The second benefit is that the newborn will be able to get his mother's milk in plenty. The nectar of milk that was drunk by its mother at that time helps in building body, mind and intellect in future. If the grown tree does not get fully composted water then it will never become a huge tree. This tradition has been practiced in the world since ancient times due to this rule, due to which beautiful young men have been born. He used to be identified with other people. Nowadays, due to some relaxation in these rules, that thing is no longer visible.

2. To keep menstruation for five days.

A woman should stay away from homework when she comes in a five-day period. In those five days she is in unholy condition. At that time neither she should participate in any work of the house, at least should never touch the food water nor touch the menstruating woman, it is untouchable. In such a situation, his body becomes raw, due to which many

The type is contaminated with faults. Many diseases can also be affected. Eating food made by him contaminates the eater, he can also be sick. That is why do not do any other work, remember your husband or remember only the gods or the divine, because the vision also seems to be defective, the child can be like that, as the vision looks like the creation. This is confirmed in the context of Varsing Vaniyal. And there is also evidence in the stories of Jambasara that 350 Kshatriya knights had gone into the cunt of ghosts after drinking water of a woman's hand and the shadow of her body. That is why mind and intellect have great importance in life, it is absolutely necessary to keep them pure and pure and they are polluted only by eating and drinking and in unholy condition, this body will sit or it will get destroyed by doing the opposite. To avoid this, it is the ultimate duty of mothers and sisters to follow this religion and men should also cooperate fully in following this rule. The car does not move in a circle. Both will travel equally, keeping agreement, only then this household car will be able to run. You can have a great cooperation in building future generations. How do you want to see your child? If good children want to see a good family and country, then you must follow this rule and get it done. On the fifth day, all clothes are washed and purified, only after that homework and worldly behavior should be done. If you want to have a son, then on the sixth, eighth, tenth, twelfth, fourteenth day and if you want a daughter, you can treat them on opposite days, such is the method of scriptures.

3. Bathing in the morning.

One should bathe daily in the morning. "Sera uthaye sujeev chann water lejiye, tant karan karei sinan jivani jal kijiai" (Thirty-two last {Vilhaji}). In the morning, get up in Brahmamuhurt and first of all, after getting out of the toilet, do dentoon, then filter and take bath and take bath. It is from here that the pace of life begins. Any other household after taking a bath

The work or puja recitation may be Hanavadic. Nothing can be auspicious without taking a bath. When we sleep in the night, there is a kind of death, nightmares come, laziness strikes, which makes the body unwell, lazy, anxious. No auspicious routine is made. For the removal of all these bodily defects, we have made a bath in the morning. In the morning, if the body is pure, pure and healthy, then the mind, intellect etc. in this body will also be pure and all work will be elegant and successful. Word number In the context of 104, Jambhadevji has accepted bathing more important than excessive donation of clothes, elephant, horse, ghee etc. because the effect of charity is transient but the effect of bathing holy rituals is long term, it creates life. Because of this bathing rule, Vishnoi is called snani by others and looks at them with great reverence. Because they know that one who takes bath in the morning will surely do other things only after remembering the name of God, evening, and auspicious work. He will definitely be a religious person and his body will be healthier than others, he will be at the forefront of doing everything. All this is possible only with the help of a bath. Until a few years ago this bathing law was well followed. Even small children were not fed without bathing in Vishnoi's house, bathing was compulsory for all. Due to which, after getting used to it, we could not eat food without bathing, but at this time there is some laxity. If this important link of the rule is broken then how will this chain be connected. Other scriptures could not see the importance of this rule, so could not become the subject of much discussion, but Jambhadevji has identified and told his disciples properly. That is why it is palatable to all.

4. modesty

Sheel Vrat should be followed. The word Sheel can have many meanings, but here in the twenty-nine rules which used this Sheil, it means for a woman to follow a husbandly religion and for a man to follow a wifely religion. It is the same religion that binds the husband and wife and the dignity of the world. Mutual father dignity by this modesty religion

These boundaries join. If this humble religion is broken, then who is whose father, whose brother will be sister and who will bear the burden of their upbringing. Without family affection, how can the society be shattered without it. There is modesty that connects the sweet relationship between husband and wife, due to which the family society runs well in the country and this modesty fast distinguishes between humanity and animalism. It is with this distinction that human rises above animalism and moves forward in its progress. Not only Hindu society, it is absolutely essential for the whole human being to follow this religion. Wherever Sheelwrat has broken, family life has become hellish and relations are broken at some places. Once the modesty is broken, it never connects again. That is why Sheelbrata is worthy of peace for all gentlemen seeking peace.

5. contentment

Satisfaction is to be satisfied with the same fruit that one gets through his own hard work. In contrast, greed is the spread of desire that occurs day and night to obtain wealth. There is no way of grief from greed. On receipt of one thing, one immediately desires to attain another. Similarly, 'Santoshnadutam Sukhlabh': Santosh
It gives the benefit of the best happiness because whatever is achieved as per the need, there is satisfaction. It is also said - Godhan Gajdhan Baji Dhan and Ratna Dhan Khan. The one who is satisfied with all wealth, all wealth like dust. Santoshi always remains happy and greedy always sad. Master
Jambheshwarji has also placed Santosh in twenty-nine rules. Money, wealth, woman, son, family etc. Despite everything, the life of a greedy person without satisfaction would become hellish
is. After all, this life is not found for this kind of waste. It must be used properly. After attaining this life, there must be happiness. That's why from all the scriptures
Agreed, he has taught the art of living a contented life. By holding it, anyone, whether rich or poor, small or big, can make their life successful.


Love should be given to external and inner meaning, purity of body and purity of mind and intellect. Always keep your attention on this and strive for purity. The body is purified with soil water, and the mind is purified by good thoughts, by the worship of God and by speaking the truth, etc. One should always strive for such purity. It is also said in the dictionary - "Body wash, please be clean, don't lose your face." And another meaning can be that you should always keep the sacred love for each other because of the mutual love of each other.
Only the whole behavior of the world goes on smoothly. Where selfishness comes in love
There is no purity in love, but there is fascination. Infatuation is always painful and full of selfishness, but love is always pure and innocent. You can get great pleasure in helping, serving with love, behavior of the world goes on properly. All human beings, while living life in general, would bear the qualities of forgiveness, kindness, Dakshinayadi.
Huh. By this rule, all the small and big creatures of the world can be learned to love the pure holy in a senseless way, only by this can the principle of live and let live, and in the particle, the light of the Lord God is scattered. All living beings are only children of the same God, we are also the same. Such a pure cosmic principle is maintained. That is why, forgetting the discrimination of your alien, one should be loving towards everyone.


Morning sunrise and evening sunset time are called sandhaya time. At that time, there is night and day evening. In the morning of the evening, the end of the night and the arrival of the day and the evening farewell and the arrival of the night. This kind of worship is considered holy because this Bella gives us the sign of early life i.e. getting human body
And signifies the death of two youths and old age attaining old age and on the next day it signifies new life and early in the morning by dusk at sunrise
Then we start the day's work and leave our work at sunset in the evening and rest again in the evening as the prayer of God. It is also said in the dictionary -

ताती बेला ताव न जाग्योठाडी बेला ठारूंबिम्बे
बैला विष्णुन जंप्यो, तातै बहुत भयी कसवारूं।

Evening worship has been a tradition since the Vedic period because it was a very beautiful tradition which was absolutely essential to protect. That is why Jambheshwarji stated this one rule in twenty-nine rules. In the morning with sunrise and at sunset in the evening, wash your hands and feet or take a bath and sit in solitary place facing the north facing the north. As per requirement, without holding the garland in your hand or even holding the divine Vishnu in your heart, chant this Mahamantra 'O3M-Vishnu' from the mouth. The chanting of ‘Yajjapastadartha Bhavanam’
This should be done in the same mental sense. The name of God, taken with careful love, has the fruit of eternal virtue. To remember the glory of the divine Vishnu, the infinite quality of the divine has fruit. In order to remember the glory of the divine Vishnu, one must recite the Vrihanavana Sandhya to be devoted to reverence to the divine. Such is the tradition and the law. Follow this rule every day. If you cannot give more time, you should not leave it. The meaning of the rule is that the program should run at an uninterrupted pace, not break in the middle, this is the meaning of the rule.

8.Twilight aarti

It is nightfall after the evening is over. Even in those times, do not waste time in vain condemnation or talk of defiance. As you will talk or listen, the same rites will come in you. You will be able to spend your life with the same rites. That is why all the family members sit together and perform aarti at night for good rites and for the grace of God, that is, call the Lord God with dedication. Explain the qualities of God i.e. discuss satsang only. So that your rites are sacred
Will become happy in life. This is also a rule, rules should not be broken.
Once broken, it becomes difficult to reconnect. Then life erupts in regularity, causing chaos in the society. These rules have been told to tie in these limits. To speak the Aarti in the evening, first remember yourself, later if you sing with aloud, then other people will also be attracted towards you, this will also make their life successful. That is why the qualities will be many. This is the importance of singing the evening aarti.

9. Offering prayers to God in front of fire

If you do Havan by becoming conscious and loving for the benefit of all, you will definitely get the liberation status. Havan alone is not enough, along with havan, there should be a sense of well-being and love. The duty performed by such a pious spirit will never be binding. On the occasion of the yajna, we dedicate the abominable ahuti Agnidevata. All the gods are satisfied with the sacrifice offered by Swaha and till the Vishnu God
If the Ahuti reaches, then the whole world becomes satisfied. In return for that sacrifice we ask them something
Even if we do not want to, the happiness of the gods means that they will definitely provide something. If these sun, moon, air, water, sky, earth etc. become happy, then all the beings of the dead land get rid of the divine, physical physical heat. Gods keep giving us day and night with astral flow. What we can give for them is the only way to get a loan out of their debt. That is why the welfare of all is inherent in performing Yajna. It has been said in the Vedas that 'Swarga Kamayoyajate' should pray for heaven's happiness and since ancient times Hindus have also been doing great sacrifices, but since that time, the monopoly of performing the Yajna from the time of the Brahmin caste is special
Was near They used to take arbitrary Dakshina as they wanted. Due to this, there could not be a daily sacrificial fire in every morning in the morning, but to perform a yajna should be a routine. To solve this problem, Jambhadevji first ended monopoly
Gave full authority to all. Whether it is male or female or child of any caste, everyone should do this auspicious work. Purity purity ethics
So all are the same, they can all be officers. That is why the fire has been done in every Vishnoi's house. Whatever sensible member will be present in the house for him, he will definitely do it with love. This Havan rule is also continuously practiced in twenty nine rules.

10- Filtering of water, milk and fuel-

Water, milk should be filtered and drunk and should be burnt by burning wood, dung etc., this is their filter because it has been seen that small insects, termites etc. are gathered in the fuel like wood or in the work by burning the fuel. If not taken, they will all be consumed by burning with wood. You will surely bear the sin of killing those innumerable insects. With little carelessness, very large crimes are saved. Burning these insects in the fire does not prove any interest in you, but it all happens due to inadvertence. Similarly, small water creatures also live in water, if we do not filter and drink that water, then all those insects will go to the stomach. Those insects will be killed by you, as well as many kinds of diseases will also arise, you will have to deal with them. That is why it is said - "Drink water, you speak pure and pure, these two cannot be bought in the Vedas"; Similarly, milk should also be used only after filtering, because even cow buffalo is sometimes in it.
The cries of the adi etc. fall inside.

11. voice

The word which is pronounced from the mouth should also be filtered, that is, truth, dear friend should speak.

"सत्यं ब्रूयात् प्रियं ब्रूयान्न ब्रुयात् सत्यमप्रियम्। प्रियं च नानृतं ब्रूयादेष धर्म सनातनः"

You should speak the truth, you must also be dear. Unpleasant even if true, should not be spoken and if it is a beloved word but false, it should not be spoken. This is the eternal religion. "The heart is not tenacity, the sin is equal, whose heart is the heart, so the heart is you" and Guru Jambheshwar ji has said the same thing - "Subhakaal Bol Sada Suhlali" If you speak good words, you will always be happy. "Vani is an amol, when someone speaks, weigh the scales and then face out" and f - "A: Pardesh dear vadinam" What is a foreigner for those who speak dear. All of them
Are on their own. In the world, we see that instructions have been seen only on truth. Truth is the divine, only through real practice can one attain the divine essence and live a worldly fame, reputation, a happy, happy life. Therefore everyone should learn the art of life by following the truth. Jambheshwar Ji is commanded by this rule. In public practice, we are normal
While listening to the talks, they speak the words only by abusive words, due to which conflicts and conflicts have been seen among themselves. If the same voice is spoken with sweet interest and love, then the wave of joy runs. This voice is true, eternal, and all human beings listen to the Lord, with good speech, everyone gives happiness and blesses.

12. Forgiveness and Mercy

Always forgiveness and compassion on creatures, these two feelings are dependent on each other.
Huh. If you have forgiveness, then you can have pity on someone and if you have compassion, then you can forgive. With the rise of one emotion, the other will follow it automatically, so both are kept within the same rule. If anyone has committed any crime towards you, then pity him and forgive him. You can only forgive this but weaker than yourself. You could suppress him with your force, but mercifully forgave his crime. By doing this, he will surely rectify his mistake. If there is nothing more powerful than you, you can spoil it, then you can take it disappointed, it cannot be called forgiveness. Forgiveness should be said by him, in which you can still be able to forgive in kind. This forgiveness is the cause of many types of quarrels. Only through forgiveness can happiness be peaceful. Similarly, if you have compassion, you can serve grieving beings. A helpless grieving creature can only be served with kindness. Therefore it is said - "Mercy is the origin of religion, sin is the original pride. Do not give up Tulsi mercy, when life takes place.
" 'अष्टादश पुराणेषु व्यासस्य वचन द्वयम्, परोपकाराय पुष्याय पापाय पर पीडनम्।' 
In the eighteen Puranas, only two words of Vyas ji are important that charity is virtue and mercilessly torturing another is a sin. Therefore mercy leads to dharma and mercilessly leads to sin.

13. theft

Do not steal. Taking away someone else's wealth is commonly called theft. It is a very painful act to take away any other's earned wealth, deprive it of that necessary money. To others by your actions
It is a sin when we reach trouble. It is not surprising if one commits a sin with this same act. This rule does not apply to all the common people. That is why the government has also made laws punish the thief. If this rule is not followed, all further chaos can spread. No one's life can be safe anywhere. Someone will earn money and other poor people will kill him, society will not be able to run. That is why it is absolutely essential for all the people to follow these rules both in order to lead a happy life in the world and for otherworldly improvement.

14. Condemnation

Do not condemn others. Disguising one's own qualities and revealing the defects of others is normally called blasphemy. The duty of the cynical people becomes karma only that it conceals the qualities of others and contemplates only their qualities. Its spoils are not erased, but as the person contemplates, he comes to him in nature, so life becomes his. "परनिंदा पापा सिरै भूल उठावै भार"  Condemning others is a sin of sin. Foolish people bear the burden of this sin and die in the same way.
"नींदक नेड़े राखिये आँगन कुटी छपाय। बिन पाणी साबुणा मेल धूपे धुपजाय।" निंदक मेरा मती मरो वे तो बड़ा सपूत, मोह बैठावै सुरग में आप भूत का भूत।" "जपो विष्णु निंदा न करणी।" 
There is definitely some juice in condemning others. Many kinds of discord and quarrels have been seen in the process of getting that juice. Sometimes, there is dullness in the juice and to condemn time in vain, this condemnation is a very great means. That is why you always want to keep peace and happiness in life and if you want to do virtuous deeds that give happiness to others, then do not condemn anyone else. If you dare to say something, then condemn yourself, reveal your own bad qualities and take measures to get rid of them. This is the result of not condemning. A poet has expressed his anger at cynic people.

यथा---- छप्पय---
जीवो राज सुरायजीवो नर पर उपकारी।
जीवो जगदातार जीवो पतिवरता नारी।
जीवो सिद्ध अरू साधुजीवो योगी निर्मोही,
जीवो जल थल के जीव,मरो संतन के द्रोही।
ईश्वर गिरि त्रिलोक मेंऔर सकल आनंद करो।
जो संतन की निंदा करेतिन के सिर विद्युत परो। 

15. Lie

One should not lie, always tell the truth. People lie for their selfishness. This worsens the work of others where there will be more behavior of selfishness, greed and notoriety. He can only do this by lying. Cheating by lying cannot be repeated again and again. Even if you can prove selfishness by lying twice, it will not happen again and again because the trust on that person ceases forever and the trust, behavior, recognition in the public ceases. That is why one should follow the truth firmly. Speaking the truth is the root of all religions. Truth rests on the entire earth. The wind blows from the truth, the sun rises, the whole behavior of the world goes on with the truth. Those who followed the true religion, their glory is singed only after time, they are honorable great men. Where is it too - Satyameva Jayate Nanritam Pantha. There is always victory by truth, never by falsehood. ... Satyavand Dharma Jar. Speak the truth, conduct the religion itself, Vedas also give such orders, Guru Jambheshwarji has given this command through this rule, which is always sustainable.

16. Dispute of Worth.

Do not argue in vain, to reach the bottom by subtle thoughts of an element is called a debate, which can also be called good. Such element exploration should be subject talks. The element can be discovered only through interactions. Public opinion
It is called a seminar, but apart from this, some people also think that by defeating the front person by their speech reasoning in some way.
Be given. Or some people, knowing themselves, will ask him to take the exam of others and such things without any head and no meaning, and some people will not
Knowing this, five will gather and insist by showing foolishness.
There are many kinds of illnesses and fights, bad-hearted hatred and hostility. All of this comes under the meaningless debate. The word says -।।वाद-विवाद फिटकार प्राणी, छाडो मन हट मन का भाँणों। वाद- विवादेदाणू खीणा, ज्यूं पहुपे खीणा भंवरी भंवरा।।
Human stubbornness or cause is also the reason that I am big and knowledgeable and I should only keep talking because I like it. If anyone refutes his falsehood, then he will become complacent, will never be able to bear his contention. This is the reason for jealousy, malice and breaking of the love bond. In vain controversy, precious time is surely lost. Can use that time in good progressive works. One can increase knowledge by exchanging good ideas. So use your intelligence in a vain fight
Do not misuse knowledge by falling. ।।विद्या विवादायं धनं मदाय, शक्ति परपीड़नाय। खलस्य साधोर्विपरीतमेतत ज्ञानाय च रक्षणाय।। The vision will be used away by disputing the knowledge that has come to the man in vain. Like this money will be drunk and the body will give trouble to others with power, but if a gentleman has knowledge, he will give knowledge, if there is wealth, he will give charity and if there is power, then the victim will protect the grieving creature.

17. Fast of Amavasya - 

Amavasya should be fasted, that is, you should fast without food. Up = close, abode = abode means to live near God. On the day of Amavasya, you should perform such actions which are to be placed near the divine, remove the duties of earthly farming and other business etc. and remember the evening, havan, satsang, God, and do meditation, sit near the divine. That is why one day a month should be fasting and that day
Amavasya is considered to be the best because both the sun and the moon come in one zodiac on the new moon day. Till then both live in one zodiac, till then they remain amavasya. The moon disappears in front of the sun, meaning that the moon's rays are usually destroyed. There is fierce darkness in the world. The moon is the one to give juice to all medicines, when the moon is not able to be a full illuminator, then the medicine will also be lost. It will be such a waste to smear grain, force, semen, intelligence etc. That is why food grains have been prohibited on Amavasya and fasting has been done. Ekadashi or Som, Ravi etc. dates come very quickly once a week or several times in months. Simple
Where are the farmers who can do so much? All these fasts are impossible, but Amavasya comes only once in the month. One day in thirty days, except all the works, you can surrender completely in the name of God, it also has convenience and convenience. It is also said in the Vedas - Darshanpournamasya yajet. That is, definitely do Amavasya and Poornamasi. There is no description of Ekadashi or other fasts in the Vedas. Fasting will have spiritual benefits as well as material benefits. We keep eating day and night without any hunger or no time. The bodily people make Agni dim by adding more food. That post cannot fully digest the fire food, so many diseases increase, then the doctors have to go round. Fasting of these problems is done and if you fast every day, then if you go hungry in the stomach, the fire will extinguish itself. Then, by adding food, you will not be ignited and if you fast on Amavasya once in a month, then the balance of health will be maintained properly. This is the fruit of Amavasya fast. The importance of Amavasya is told in the Vedas. After this, no saintly great man changed the fasting on Amavasya. For the first time, Jambhadev ji has said that fast on Amavasya. There is a big secret hidden in it. This is a separate subject of investigation. As long as Surya Chandra is in one zodiac on Amavasya, one should not do any earthly work like plow, karsi challan, tanti, grazing, cutting, lunai, plowing etc. and so on. On that day one should only worship God. The scriptures have also told the fruit of Amavasya fast.

18. Bhajan Vishnu

Omniscient omnipotent Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, Shri Vishnu should be worshiped. Bhaj = Sevayam is the word Bhajan formed from metal. Therefore, doing bhajan means that Vishnu should only serve God, and should not worship other gods and goddesses. What can we do to serve God, what is our own personal wealth that we can give to them. And then we have nothing to give, only an ego is with us, only we can give it. Until we surrender our ego and enjoyment is not immersed, till then neither can we do service, nor can we do name, chanting, yagya, evening, even if something is done, it will only be a farce from reality. Will happen. Many saints have expressed their different opinions regarding chanting of Naam. Somebody has said chanting of Rama-naam, then someone has told Krishna or Shiva or something else, but Jambheshwarji has moved away from these traditional leaks
Vishnu-Vishnu has said this chanting because all people unanimously accept the virtue of realization, whether Ram or Krishna or Shiva, all these avatars belong to Vishnu. Vishnu is the Supreme Person of all of these, so the chanting of one Vishnu is the remembrance of all the incarnations, all the leaves are spruced up by watering the leaves in the original. But if the branches are watered, the original will not be green. The coordination of all incarnations into one Vishnu
It may be that is why Vishnu has given the order of chanting so that chanting one would result in chanting of all.

19. Have pity on mere creature.

Take care of them. All creatures want to live according to their own order, that's why we should support them in their lives, rather than ending their life, it is okay to supply self-fertility. Live and let live this one principle is fine to some extent, but the living is very dwarf in comparison to the kindness of the creatures themselves and do not kill the other, it will not be able to touch or raise anyone while killing someone. But in Jeeva Daya Palani, you will neither kill anyone nor let anyone kill you. That's why this theory
It is Guru. Jambheshwarji Maharaj ordered to follow this principle. His disciples have also come to follow Bishnoi and are following him. Due to this rule, even in the Bishnois village, stag etc. can be seen wandering wildly. Why should the Bishnoi people sacrifice their lives to protect wildlife from predators? There are not many such examples which have done their life while saving wildlife.
is. The kings had given their letters in writing since ancient times. And still the government is forced to follow this rule.।। अहिंसा परमो धर्म:।। Ahimsa is the best religion and violence is the most unrighteous sin. If you cannot give life to someone, then what right is there to take it. Creature violence is a trespassing attempt. In words, there has been denial of violence in many places. And the intelligent people of modern age also oppose living violence. Even if we do not believe in the sins caused by them, physical, mental and intellectual distress, etc., definitely happen to the non-vegetarians. That is why we should always nurture them while protecting them.

20.  Do not cut green trees

Green tree should not be cut, because the tree is green, grows day and night, the air takes food, water etc. When these essential things are not found, it dries up. Can't walk like humans, so what happened to the conscious power? So then cutting it means that you are destroying organisms. This creature is violence. All organisms are philanthropists, their survival is very important, if any particular species disappears, then the balance of organisms deteriorates, which leads to the growth of a particular organism.
The infestation spreads. In this series of philanthropy, the tree is the most benevolent. Where are you 
।। तरूवर सरवर संत जन चौथा वर्षे मेह, परमार्थ के कारणें चारों धारी देह।
People used to come to Guru Jambheshwarji and ask, O God! Here every year there is a severe famine in the desert. Then Jambheshwar told him only ।।रूंख लीलो नहिं घावैं। 
 Do not cut green trees. Since then, people stopped cutting green trees, then came back rain and became prosperous. Jambdev ji knew this thing even today without any instruments, so he told the people. As long as the rule was followed, it rained heavily. Gradually, people other than Bishnoi cut the forest, due to which the face of the famine of the famine had to be seen and this is happening in the present. Currently, air pollution has spread all around. It became difficult to breathe, severe famines began to occur, then the scientists of our world were warned about finding a solution to this problem, so there was no solution. The only solution is to protect the green trees. Hundred years ago, Guru Jambhadev Ji was conscious of this dreadful situation. We have to accept the same today. 363 men and women willingly sacrificed their lives while protecting the Khejhi tree in the southeast direction from Jodhpur. Which was depicted by the then poet Gokul ji in his Sakhi and this is also described in detail by Sahib Ram Ji in Jambasagar. Even though this event could not come in history, but it cannot be ruled out in reality. Apart from this, many small and small incidents have also been done to protect the green tree. A silver tree has proved very benevolent for humans. This tree provides shade, fruits, flowers, manure, rain, good crops, dry wood for fuel, etc. Myriad living things. Always say that the person who provides sunshine, heat, heat, cold, coldness, etc., is brutally cut off, even the first man who warned this thing was Jambheshwar. And accept their orders
Bishnoi was the one who protected seeing the sacrifice of his life.

21. Ajar zarai - Ajar which work, anger, greed

Moh, arrogance, etc. are not burnt yet, they are not burnt to ashes and burn in human form. Burn them and their ash will be cold only then you will feel relieved. If they are not consumed by burning them, then they will continue to burn humans forever. If ever the desires are lit, then with those same desires, the fire of anger will expand and if the anger spreads, greed will be created and greed becomes enchanted, a man becomes anxious, and fascinated people will always have arrogance, if they do not understand someone else like them, then perish Will be attained, so it is advisable to cool them before being alert if this work does not set fire somewhere. When your ego is retired, you will become like a dead person. Live, die, die, live, die, whose way of life is known. Like someone who is waiting for you Spelling - Jarna means to bear life; and the person who carries it becomes like a dead person; there is no small for him.
Visiting the light of a divine being in the entire particle, one attains the rank of God, if he lives, he lives life free and immense heaven attains happiness and even on death attains salvation. Life and death have no special meaning for him, both equal
Are the same. The bond of her bondage breaks due to burning of her bondage. Once released, he never falls into grief until he is trapped in the loop of bondage. "Ratan kaya baikunthe vaso tera zara maran bhaya bhajuam" (Vocabulary). The fear of old age and death is more painful; the knowledgeable person is destroyed. Therefore, everyone should have the tolerance of death. Mankind's success is always humble.

22. To have a meal

Food should be made by hand of the people of the voluntary caste. First of all, when Guru Jambheshwarji Maharaj became a disciple of Bishnoi, then he faced a problem that how can be a meal with those who have not become a Bishnoi after the family because their actions, ethics and ideas were not pure. They have not adopted twenty-nine rules, do not even get rid of them. Those people have not joined your circle, so are alien to you. At that time, if he did not tell the rules, then this cult would not have been able to continue. No dignity of this community can be stabilized because then Bishnoi will eat food in non-vegetarian, addicts, profane houses, then how will they follow the rules. The whole system gets spoiled by catering and everything goes smoothly if the catering is pure. That is why Guru Maharaj said that now all of you have been bound in the guise of one Guru under the guidance of one Guru and twenty-nine religions. Therefore, arrange the food in the hands of people like yourself in a society. Whether it is ancient or present time, food must be pure. Everyone will gladly accept the same thing. In the unholy places, taking food jaladi at unknown places spreads many diseases in the body, fidgeting in the mind and distorting the intellect. As soon as the food is in your mind, drink it as you say it. This is the saying. Therefore every Bishnoi household believes it will never be carnivorous. Do not take food grains from other people's homes where religious rules are not followed, this is Jambhadev's command.

23. Immortal

A group of female sheep goats can gather and people also raise for wool, milk, etc. But the male sheep or goats are not able to live much together, which causes them to be butchers. Butchers kill them. At that time sheep rearing was the main occupation of the people. In this way hundreds of goats were cut into the butchers' hands. Seeing the death of such a large number, Jambheshwar had made the rule of religion that firstly Bishnoi was a sheep
Quit rearing goats and if you cannot leave too soon, then you will be left on your own while doing little. Then the problem arose as to what to do with these goats. Jambheshwar God said that do not sell them to the butchers. If you cannot keep them in the sheep, then make them a table, in which only the goats will remain. They will remain immortal meaning that no one will kill them. If you automatically die from your death, then gradually you will be chased by the sheep goats. Never raise them again, if you want to raise animals, do cow-farming, it will give you amazing milk. Thus, in those circumstances, this religion was made the rule. When those conditions gradually came to an end, the Bishnois gave up sheep and sheep, then what is the rationale for rearing that. It is not a bad thing to protect an innocent creature from the hands of butchers. You can also do this if you have the ability to raise a table. That many creatures will be protected, but this rule is not necessarily admissible for every Bishnoi. For this reason, this tradition is usually over if it is kept. Now this tradition is being followed only in Rotu village.

24. Do not castrate the bull.

Neither steer the bull nor do it by inspiring others. When the calf becomes large enough to run the plow, people pay it or get it done, then it is used to drive the plow. If it does not do this then the carriage does not move, it troubles a lot. When he is impotent, the scene is very compassionate and painful. There is no crossing of the pain that the calf has to bear. At that time, the hard-hearted man who saw the spluttering pain and shouting also wears down. That is why Guru Jambheshwar Bhagwan made this special religion rule for Bishnois, that you will never have to be a bull master, never be a part of that sin. Nor should you drive your cow's cow calf and steer it. Those who have become impotent, have been paid by someone and buy them and do their work. This rule also applies especially to farmers because such a situation does not come for the businessman or other worker. If it comes, then this rule must be followed. This rule is also going to kill the suffering of the creature by increasing compassion. This rule has also been followed strongly by the Bishnois.

25. Opium 

Opium should not be eaten. Opium is a terrible intoxicating substance, soon it becomes submissive to human beings. After eating continuously for two to four days, you can never live without eating again. In the body part-percussion, its effect accumulates very quickly. As the food itself is black, it makes the person eat it. Day by day, the body becomes weak and the grip of opium gets stronger. All the rules of opium-eating religion are auspicious. Opium makes humans physically weak and also in economic crisis. If you look at it, then the demerits will appear innumerable, but the quality is not even one. When a human forgets the dignity of the rule even once, then he gets trapped in this kind of ruin, then it becomes difficult to get out. Therefore, one should never forget to eat opium, nor should it be used to feed young children to consume opium. How beautiful a poet realizes the pain and pain of the opium eater's wife in the poem - Kosat, teach that friend, those who do not drink Posay. Serve the broken bed, as if you should go to Sasanai Put. Everyone of Karma Vikram Bhi Piya, after drinking Posat said wicked stories. Bal Biraj Nash Bhai Sagro Bapu, sing these songs at the end of the day.
The poppy eater makes this divine body hellish. Even on death, he falls into hell due to his inability to do good deeds. Therefore, everyone should always be vigilant and protect themselves from this terrible leprosy.

26. Tobacco

Tobacco should never be used as sniffing and drinking food. Even donkeys do not eat such terrible harmful thing, but wow, man! You have started using it in many ways. Till date, history is a witness that no one who consumes tobacco has attained peace in himself nor has he allowed his neighbor to live peacefully. First of all, weaken our mind, intellect and body with tobacco and later also contaminate the people adjacent to the smell of tobacco. In ancient times, the Guru Jambheshwar God, after making him aware of this great leprosy, always showed a way to protect himself from it. Everyone was given a pledge and got them pledged. Gradually, it has taken a terrible form again today. Due to this, scientists, doctors and mystics from all over the world have become very concerned. New laws are made, they warn that this intoxication is the message of death of humanity. Similarly, if all the people continue to get into this intoxication, then the day is not far from the day humanity will be destroyed. These built-in atom bombs will not be known when. Even before this intoxication of tobacco etc. will destroy humanity. That is why in many countries, people are collectively giving up drugs. Some scholars have expressed similar grief. In the same words- "Both tobacco and humans eat each other" just had sweet paan and now? Now tobacco does not lose its habit of cigarette. But just by showing helplessness this truth
It cannot be false that with every packet of tobacco consumed in the name of taste or cigarettes drunk on the pretext of reducing stress, you push life towards the crossroads, from which you are taken to death all the way.

29. Wine and meat

Humans should never drink alcohol. If anyone who has consumed alcohol then the agreement then he also ate meat, hence both alcoholic meat are kept under the same rule. If one of these two works, then there will be no hesitation in doing the other. Many demagogues and great men have told in drinking alcohol - Chitta bhrantijayite madanapada bhrante chitta sin chya-ryamupati. Papam Kritva Durgatiyan Yanti, Midhastasmanmadhyan Naivpeyam Naiv Payam. Ratnakar. Drunkenness causes confusion in the mind and sinful actions with confused mind
It can only happen and by committing sins, degradation is obtained, therefore, you foolish! Do not drink, do not drink This advice was given by God Jambheshwar. Because the origin of all the sins is this wine. All the sins and sins come behind this sin. We also see this in practice. And f is even more deficient in alcoholism. Giant meat, blood sugar, Papadis, round-the-clock service. So sapt vyasanani lokay, papadhek puns sada bhavanti. Drinking leads to other addictions such as gambling, eating meat, prostituting, stealing, serving a prostitute and exacerbating sins, etc. Those who degenerate humans. Therefore, to protect humanity, alcohol should be cut down as the core of addictions. If water continues to watered this root, then the human will be able to get rid of addictions. Will ruin the life of himself and his relatives. After drinking alcohol, the man loses the Sudha-Buddha. He does not have any sense of dignity at such a time, he can do anything wrong. It is only by wishing this that the hair grows. So far, all the terrible sins that have been caused due to this drinking, the root of all the trouble is the dirty water. That is why, consider it and abandon it and get this life to be welcome and get it better than this, there will be no benefit of life. There is no need to reinterpret it, it has been explained under Jeeva Daya Palani that not eating meat.

29. Do not wear blue clothes

It is clearly forbidden for Bishnoi to wear blue clothes by this rule, because the white clothes which are by nature dyed blue are basically impure. There is a belief in such scriptures that both its origin and dyeing are from impurity. Therefore, wearing blue clothes is prohibited in the Smriti texts - such as bathing, donating, chanting home: Swadhyaya Pitru Tarpanam. Panchayya Vratha Tasya blue cloth perception. Wearing blue clothes, if you take bath every day, donate to a devotee, do havan in the morning or do auspicious work like Swadhyaya guest service etc. even then the fruits of those auspicious actions are destroyed and many other proofs blue clothes in Shruti Shastras In connection with the prohibition. The story of Ayodhya King Trushanku comes in Valmiki Ramayana, Hung first shows desire to go to his vice-chancellor and go to heaven heavenly. When Vashishtha refuses, then Vashistha requests to go to sons and Vashistha asks Trishanku in this way Curses that he becomes a chandala. "Atha Rathrayan Vayitayataya Raja Chandalatana Gat, Neel garments Neel Purusha demolished idol: I got dry. The hair of the head became short. The whole body was covered with ashes of pyre. Iron ornaments in various parts like bathing.
Fall. Therefore, wearing blue clothes is a symptom of Chandal, this color is the only monster people
Likes because the person who has the feeling will also wear the outer garment. The Bishnois were made like devas after being chastised with chaos, and therefore were ordered to wear white or other colors except blue. Because the effect of clothes is also mind and body
Too much falls on nature. Everyone has their own dress. It has a special effect on society. Army, lawyers, judges, devotees, monks, ascetics have their own costumes
Which has a direct effect on emotions. If you wear blue clothes, you will definitely have chandalta, demons, wickedness. And if you wear the gentle auspicious, yellow or red clothes of a devotee, monk, gentleman, then your influence feelings will be very good. That is why Guru Ji told the devotee to wear this white cloth after renouncing demonic clothes.
Some scientists have blamed the blue cloth and say that India is a hot country
Due to excess heat, the rays of the sun fall here directly and those rays are more attracted towards blue color. The sun's rays have opposite color, which draws blue cloth to the sun's rays. Which will add more heat. The heat coming from the blue cloth is very harmful for health and the sun rays cannot affect its effect on the white cloth, it will slip as soon as it falls on the cloth and will not be able to make its impact to the body and even if it is healthy, it is healthy for the body. It does happen. That's why white clothes should be worn only. Neel cloth has proved harmful from all points of view. Mail in blue or black cloth is a kingdom of filth impurity. Because it is not visible from the eyes, there is little scope to hide the mail in white clothes. White clothes identify the devotee and blue clothes identify the chandala vision. That is why, when Jambhidev Ji made Bishnoi, he applied this rule for everyone and said that now you have become a devout gentleman and you will be identified by white clothes. If you have abandoned your heart failure now
Also discard the timelessness of clothes. This was the purpose of telling the rule of renunciation and this rule is going to stand the test of the scientists, according to the scriptures, if there is any doubt about it, then definitely consider it and see the solution.

Special: - Thus, the interpretation of twenty-nine rules is complete and at the end of twenty-nine rules, there is also a couplet which is very important- 

उन्नतीस धर्म की आखड़ीहिरदै धरियो जोय।
जाम्भे जी किरपा करीनाम बिश्नोई होय॥

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